• MAPLE . . . Anyone?

    Picture this . . . You're walking through a forest. It's a forest with mostly deciduous trees, so no leaves or even buds yet. It's a cool, crisp day at the end of March. And it's a strange forest, one you've heard about but never walked through. Big, old trees with spigots sticking out of the trunks and pails hanging on the spigots.         A Sugar Bush.

    The thought of maple taffy made by boiling the maple sap and pouring it onto snow then twirling it around a stick, makes your mouth water.  

    But, alas, no boiling pot and no snow.                                                                                                                 

    Are you still with me?

    Now you are walking trough your kitchen with the picture of the Sugar Bush still in you head. Hum . . . maybe pancakes with maple syrup. But no maple syrup in the pantry. Well, maybe a nice cup of tea. Doesn't compare but, still, not a bad idea. Hold on . . . what about Maple Tea? Yes, you have 3 blends to choose from in your cupboard - Sugar Shack, Golden Maple Pecan and Mango-Maple Fusion.

    My favourite is Mango-Maple Fusion, maple combines nicely with fruit flavours. But, I'd have to say, the Golden Maple Pecan is the favourite, sort of like Maple Pecan ice cream is a favourite. Sugar Shack has a following by those who like their maple syrup straight up.

    And get this . . . if you order all three, you get your shipping FREE. (Free shipping over $50 starting April 1 or 2). Golden Maple  Pecan is in the Canada Collection and Sugar Shack and Mango-Maple Fusion are in the Classic Collection.

    Hurry before Maple Season is over (end of April in Nova Scotia) although         Maple Tea is always available at The Tea Brewery.



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